Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lies Your Parents Told You

A trip to the zoo.
Mummy knows best. For Beth and Hats and those REAL zebras. "It's like we're going to our doom..."


Hatty said...

i love this!! :P does Beth get to see much of ur comics?

Shadowphax said...

she sees them occasionally but i sent this one to her on fb. though one might ask why i didn't simply show her the hard copy... :P

biff beff said...

i did wonder that but i got this on my birthday so its like a present :)
and i remembered that funny time and it made me laugh so its all good :) :D
and its nice to have my name in a comic picture so its good you sent it to me :) xxxxxxxx

Shadowphax said...

glad you like :)